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Dermatology Treatment

Skin is usually the first thing that you notice when you meet someone. Therefore, having bad skin can be heartbreaking. Also if you are a teenager, it is easier to deal with since you’ll probably grow out of it but if you are an adult, it can completely wreck your confidence. That is when clinics like Welona Slimming Skin and Hair Clinic, Chennai comes in. Welona Slimming Skin and Hair Clinic, Chennai provides you with the best dermatology treatment in town. Be it any problem with freckles, age spots, moles and warts removal, acne scars removal, skin lifting to people who wish to have fair skin name it, we have it all covered.


Q: Who is a Dermatologist, and what do they do?

A: A dermatologist is an expert who provides solutions to problems related to skin, nails and hair.

Q: When should I consult a dermatologist?

A: For any skin or hair related concerns. It is always good to consult a dermatologist before going for any self-medication.

Q: Can my skin and other hair problems be treated by Welona?

A: Yes, Welona offers diverse options for treatments to arrest various skin and hair related problems.

Q: What is the average dermatology consultation fees in Chennai?

A: A dermatologist’s expertise can be told by the years of experience they hold. The consultation fee will be based on the nature of your problem and the treatments prescribed.

Q: What is the recovery time post-treatment?

A: The time for recovery usually depends on the choice of treatment. Every procedure has its post-treatment measures. Our doctors would specify the recovery period based on the treatment given to you.

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