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Best Skin and Hair Clinic in Chennai

We specialise in weight loss, hair care and laser skin care treatments, that focuses on the best outcome by staying updated and using the latest technology to produce results. At Welona we follow a 5-step process that involves the whole lifecycle between us and our clients.

Step 1: Getting to know our clients- The first step towards achieving success for our clients is getting to know what is on their mind and what they wish to accomplish with us.

Step 2: Analysis- After we get to know what you wish to accomplish, our experts take you through a series of our own analysis, detecting what could be done to achieve your desire.

Step 3: Laying out options- Once a complete analysis is done, our experts suggest certain treatments based on the result of your analysis. Each procedure would be explained to you in detail.

Step 4: Treatment- The treatment is done with the utmost care and precision.

Step 5: Aftercare and review- We hold your hand throughout the aftercare process, till the results are achieved.


With the vision to serve the best care possible, and a combined experience of over 25 years and over 500 happy clients, Welona is the best obesity, hair fall treatment clinic in Chennai.

Why should you choose Welona?

Customised service- Each patient is different and requires an individual approach. At Welona, we believe in guiding our clients through the right path and helping them in identifying the root cause of their problem and providing a solution to that.

Personalised attention- We value the happiness of each of our clients and treat them equally. Our coordinators and experts make a thorough examination and suggest the best possible treatment that we could offer. Our openness and transparency in treating our clients had made us the hair regrowth treatment in chennai. At the same time, we also abide by the rule, to say no to our clients when the treatment could not be given due to various valid reasons after the initial examination.

Quality of the treatment- Since we take a more personalised approach we consider our clients, family, and want the best for them. Our experts offer the best possible care for each of our clients by doing a complete study on them before taking the next step.

The latest technology- Our research experts give us constant suggestions for improvement in the tech used. We work towards bringing the best in the market to our clients. This, in turn, leads to producing maximum results for our clients.