Skin is the first thing that you notice when you meet someone. However, due to our current lifestyle and total lack of hygiene we often face bad skin days. A Bad or damaged skin can be heart-breaking and could affect the individual’s confidence. If you are a teenager, it is easier to deal with it, but if you are an adult, it can destroy your confidence.

At Welona we understand the skin problems people face and since it is a growing issue, we are providing full-scale dermatology treatment.

Welona’s Dermatology treatment:

Our treatments are divided into 3 parts which include all types of
  • Peel treatments,
  • Electro-laser therapy
  • Hair re-growth solutions.

We at Welona are led by the best skin specialists & dermatologists. Therefore, we offer the most advanced dermatology treatment in Chennai.

Our procedures are:

  • Non-invasive.
  • Skin peel treatments usually come in organic and chemical variants
  • Based on your skin type we offer the best solution.
  • This not only removes the dead skin cells but also stimulates the natural growth for a smooth, soft and supple skin.
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