Inch Loss

Weight loss is never an easy task. There are numerous slimming products and supplements that are present in the market. All these supplements promise miracles within weeks and months but turnout to be nothing but a money-making scam. Therefore, if you need to give your fitness regimen and your diet an extra edge, Welona Slimming Skin and Hair Clinic Chennai will provide you with the best inch-loss techniques.

Inch loss treatment at Welona

We offer the most effective inch loss treatment center in Chennai.Non-surgical liposuction is an effective technology that helps to remove stubborn fat and lose inches without going through the surgical method. Non-surgical liposuction can be taken for different parts of the body like tummy, hips, thighs, arms & back. This technology ensures safe results and it selectively targets fat cells without any side effects. If you have struggled to lose those few inches and want to achieve the body of your dream non-surgical liposuction is the best and the safe technique.

Our treatments are:

  • Non-surgical & completely non-invasive
  • Custom made as per the individual’s lifestyle and expectations
  • Simple and doesn’t involve any heavy exercises or special diets.
  • Doesn’t involve any special weight loss pills
  • Done on an out-patient basis
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