Having an irritating itching on your head? Concerned about your dandruff issues?

Don’t worry at Welona we give specialized treatment for dandruff

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff could be caused due to increased oilsecretion, and increased number of normal skin yeasts. The immune system of every individual also plays a vital role in Dandruff. Poor hygiene and sparse shampooing may also cause Dandruff. Dandruff could be embarrassing for those who have it.

When should I consult Welona?

If you have some of the symptoms mentioned below:

  • Itchy Scalp
  • White Flakes
  • Irritated or Oily Scalp
  • Sensitivity to hair care products
  • Facial Skin with Dry Flakes
  • Rashes over the face, especially on nose, ears, neck, and back.

Treatment at Welona:

We at Welonagive the best hair care treatment in Chennai. Our experienced dermatologists will examine your hair type and skin to suggest a suitable solution for your dandruff problems.

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