Body Shaping

Maintaining the body shape or figure is hard these days due to our busy schedule of life. This happens despitefollowing a strict diet and exercise routine. Certain parts of the body may not change, no matter how much you try. Whatever be the problem, with the help of body shaping and body sculpting, it is now possible to achieve that ideal physique you dream of. At Welonawe use the latest techniques for body-shaping which will helpin achieving the perfect transformation that you are aiming for.

Body Shaping programs at Welona:

Using advanced equipment and expert care, we can now improve the appearance of your body in Chennai itself. Be it sagging skin, loose thighs, buttocks or arms, Welona offers one of the best body shaping treatment in Chennai.

Our Treatments are:

  • Highly effective and includes a safe fat reduction method
  • Ideal with no special diets involved.
  • Doesn’t involve hospitalization or admittance
  • Simpleprocedure with no over-night stay.
  • No anesthesia involved.
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