Anti Ageiing Treatment

Welona offers personalized anti-ageing treatment. We make sure we provide the right treatment for your type of skin.

As we grow older, natural changes occur on our skin such as:

  • Rough and wrinkled skin - Skin develops lesions due to some scratch, cut or abrasion;
  • Loose skin - The loss of the elastic tissue in the skin with age causes the skin to slack off.
  • Transparent skin - This is caused by thinning of the epidermis
  • Bruised skin - This is due to thinner blood vessel walls.
  • Delicate skin - This is caused by a flattening of the area where the epidermis and dermis (layer of skin under the epidermis) come together.

Causes of Ageing

Internal Causes

  • Hormonal influence – Decreased estrogen levels result in reduced messaging between the cells.
  • Poor blood supply – Poor blood supply means lack of nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface is impeded. The radiance that is the feature of young skin fades away, and skin becomes dull.
  • Genetics – The phototype and skin type we are born with makes a difference in how quickly signs of ageing appear on the skin’s surface. For eg: Fair or phototype I-II is more prone to wrinkles at an earlier age than darker phototype V-VI. And Phototype III can be prone to uneven skin tone, but wrinkles appear at a later age than in other phototypes.

External Causes

The external factors affecting the speed with which the skin ages are all due to a process called oxidative stress. The oxidative stress is triggered and accelerated by a variety of factors such as Sun, lifestyle, pollution, smoke, nutrition, inappropriate skin care regimes, etc;

Treatments at Welona:

Welonais one of the most reputed skin and hair clinic in Chennai. Our treatments include:

  • MNRF

Post Care:

Sunscreen and certain topical creams to be applied religiously as prescribed by the doctor before and after the treatment. The pre and post care instructions would vary for different treatments.

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